Da Viet, a place to exchange, compose and honor works of art

art garden exposition
art garden exposition

“Life is art, art tastes life”

Due to, we have a good relationship with famous Vietnamese artists, with their favor, their contribution ideas, they inspired us, help us to form ideas, and Hong Quang Art& Gemstone Center was established and created. First of all, the Center itself is a huge opus of art with all the items: architecture, sculpture on stone, on wood, lacquer paintings, stone statues, and art installations. With the desire to create a playground, an exchange place for artists, a place to honor their works. At the same time, striving annually to organize an art exhibition here, will invite domestic and foreign artists to exchange, compose and collect opus of art.

With an exhibit garden area of ​​2500 m2, 1350 m2 galleries, Da Viet is always ready for large and diverse art exhibitions.

Especially, we own an art and craft workshop with an area of ​​20,000m2 with full of human, equipment, accommodation and materials for artists to come here to create their own opus. We have a team of multilingual translators who can help foreign artists to interact with artisans, spread ideas to perfect their opus.

With the familiarity in the field of art in the country as well as abroad, we are always ready to organize auctions of the opus submitted by the artists here.

Could you join with us if you want to display your opus, or if you want to find an ideal place for your opus, or want to sell your opus, or participate in auctions of other art.

Hong Quang Art& Gemstone Center, just 100km south of Hanoi, it is only 1 and half hour very convenient for travel. Come with us to immerse yourself in the art space, unleash creativity and honor your opus.

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